Car Service Newcastle

Servicing a car regularly plays a key role in maintaining a reliable and safe car that performs well. To keep your car reliable and safe, it's important to look after it regularly.

Here at Broadmeadow Tyres and Service we will help you do the same, we have a variety of car servicing options to suit all different type of cars, we personalise our service to suit your budget and car tyre, whether it's a small hatch, family car, family car, sports car, SUV, 4WD, UTE or Van.

We use the best quality parts, premium Fuchs lubricants and Ryco filtration parts.

Essential Car Service

Things we do in our EFP Service

  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Check and top up all oils and fluids
  • Check Brakes
  • Check Exhaust
  • Check Transmission
  • Check Steering and suspension
  • Check (External) engine belts and hoses
  • Check all lights
  • Check tyres and pressures
  • Check windscreen wipers and washers
  • Battery test and report
  • Safety inspection
car service

Manufacturers Logbook service

Things we do in our Logbook Service

A Logbook service is a comprehensive service that ensures your vehicle is operating safely and economically, just as what the maker intended.

This service includes all parts, oils and scheduled service items, including our own comprehensive safety check and inspection record.

We stamp your logbook after the service, having this stamp will help you with resale of your car as most people today look for logbook of services before they consider purchasing.

We have all the latest equipment and expertise to service your vehicle, guaranteeing that all parts and services are of the highest quality.

For more information or any special queries regarding your next car service, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff members on (02) 4048 0108

* Conditions apply. Ask Broadmeadow Tyres and Service for details or recommendations to maintain your statutory new car warranty