Suspension Repair Newcastle

Maintain your suspension system at Broadmeadow Tyres & Service.

Here at Broadmeadow Tyres & Service store, our main emphasis has always been on the safety of your vehicle. One of the main systems affecting the overall safety of your vehicle is the suspension system.

Suspension system can have a huge impact on your braking, steering and tyres.

Not only does suspension play a vital role in providing a smooth, comfortable ride, it’s main function is to ensure all four tyres stay in firm, constant contact with the road surface. A good suspension system will compliment your steering and braking systems.

So it’s extremely important that your suspension system is well maintained. Our qualified mechanics will thoroughly check out your suspension and advise if any components are worn and need replacing.

Warning Signs of a bad Suspension

You can easily check if your car’s suspension needs expert attention or not. When parked look out for these signs:

  • Uneven wear on tyres
  • Vehicle not sitting level when parked
  • Fluid leakage from shock absorbers
  • Physical damage to shock absorbers
  • Sagged, cracked or distorted bushings or mounts

Other signs that indicate that you need expert attention:

  • Vehicle not handling properly on corners
  • Vehicle bounce when driving
  • Poor handing and excessive body roll on corners
  • Vehicle dips forward when braking

If you notice any of the above, drop into Broadmeadow Tyres & Service and let one of our qualified mechanics take a look. They can then advise you on what needs to be done.

We only use quality replacement parts, genuine or equivalent aftermarket replacement parts to make sure your car is safe on the road.